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The Federation of RE Centres

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Chair Person: Karenza Passmore Tel 0191 3750586


The Group welcomes any feedback which may help us to improve our service. Please use the relevant e-mail address below for enquiries or other comments. For specific enquiries regarding individual Centres, please consult the Member Centres pages.

The FREC is compliant with the new Data Protection (GDPR) legislation. Data is kept as securely as possible within the organisation, and we will not supply data to external organisations without the prior consent of the bodies who supplied the data to us. Under GDPR, data suppliers have the right to have us delete their data, to complain about our use of their data and to inspect and suggest changes to our records relating to them. These policies do not apply to data disclosed in e-mails, on online forums or during use of social media. Contact Simon Webb if you need further information.

Chair Person

Karenza Passmore,
North East Religious Learning Resources Centre,
Cuthbert House,Stonebridge Lane,
Durham DH1 3RY
Tel 0191 375 0586


Mr D Mohan
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